Monday, November 1, 2010

Just wanted to write down some statements:

I've keep thinking back to the things I believe in or come to believe in, rely in and just simply have come to be a part of who I am and an integral part of my decision making processes of every day:

1) I believe in God, my Heavenly Father, in His son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost and because of this, I trust Heavenly Father knows what's best for me and despite my bullheadedness try to leave things in his hands; because of this I try to guide my life by looking forward to the time when Christ shall come to earth again, when we'll all see Him and know Him... just thinking about it gives me goosebumps and makes me realign my life in a way I feel would make me deserving to be there; and because of this I seek the company of the Holy Ghost, try to not do things which would offend it, that I may have its company in times of need, that I may have comfort when I'm weak or sad and that I may ask directly through my prayers and receive answers directly through its influence.

That said here's what makes me a crazy psycho in many people's eyes:
2) I believe in everything good that brings health, spiritual and physical: i believe in reuniting all lost pieces of truth scattered across the deep pool of philosophies of men, cultures and traditions- for the benefit of God's children. I believe Christ manifested himself to every land, tongue and people and so did His prophets with the true message of the Gospel. Through time and apostasy and the adversary's plans, those truths got muddied over or in some instances lost. But every now and then I see or hear or read about something that resonates with my spirit as a truth. So in my mind I polish it, discarding the added things from men's minds and try to keep that little bit of precious truth and apply it in my life. One example of this is the teachings about Chi according to the Chinese Kung Fu tradition, things like QiGong, TaiChi and Yoga and any other form of Chi gathering exercise I believe to be founded in ancient truths whose true sources have been lost, yet here we have some of its remains with some part of its truths untouched.

These last one I don't know in which order to write so I'll just write them as I jotted them down in my scratch paper:
3) I believe in not killing animals or insects or plants unless necessary and when it's necessary it must be done with the due respect for the life taken and with a prayer in one's heart.

4) I believe the power of the Priesthood and the name of our Creator still holds power over all creation and can be used, if used in righteousness and for a good justifiable reason.

5) I believe in speaking to animals and insects, because their spirit and ours understand each other since the beginning of this world, we've just lost the gift to do so to our lusts and greedy post-modern ways.

6) I believe in the gift of womanhood being also part of being mother to all... where charity expands past our fellowmen and includes all living creatures, anything alive, including trees and plants, making it part of our role as nourishers to bring thanksgiving back to the preparation of food, not only to the eating stage of the process.

This is what I came up with and I'm sure I can probably add more numbers or add to the individual items I posted here, but I figured this are things which have come to be very important to me and would like to pass them down to my children, that they may respect everyone and everything around them, have a heart full of thanksgiving to our Father in Heaven for the abundance with which we are blessed and to grow in strength of health and spirit in God's hand, to be able to do His will and have a long life to do so. It is my humble wish as a mother-to-be and I pray to my Heavenly Father for guidance, because at this juncture of my life I feel so small, unlearned and inadequate for the task... which will hopefully make me rely in Him even more.

Love to y'all in cyberspace!

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