Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scripture reading of today...

The funny thing is that when I read, I ponder the meaning and my mind trails off to something else and it seems unrelated, but somehow I receive answers to whatever I was wondering about this way.
Today it was Alma 46. I read a little recap from chapter 45 and started and got hung-up on verse 4, 6 and 7.
So I thoughts about how no matter how much we cling to and aspire to "peace", not as a concept but as a way of living, there will always be arguments and dissenters, since Satan is always on our midst trying to lead us astray. So anger and haters are also part of the plan and they also have their purpose (and their reward).
So, my mind trailed off, as it usually does, to thinking about the people who not necessarily mock me, but rather, feel very uncomfortable with my food choices and have decided that I'm wrong, making me know every time they have a chance. I always ponder about this, because it puzzles me. It gives me such a weird feeling to think that I should respect people's choices and not receive the same kind of respect back. We've been wondering if our choices are wrong, because hubby and I sometimes feel it's so rude to turn down "community bridges" such as people's heart-made food and have been pondering on a solution for quite a while.
We eat vegan (and when we can, we strive to eat raw vegan) because when all seemed to fail with our health and we turned for help to the medical system, Heavenly Father stopped us and said "be patient and wait". Wait for what, though? We didn't know. We just didn't do the many "procedures" we thought we should have. People asked and kept pressing on the issues and meanwhile we were just "waiting". And somehow, the answer appeared and we started down this path of healthy eating. We always prayed, thinking we were doing something wrong, and Heavenly Father seemed to always approve of it and smile down on us as we progressed and fixed with a lot of effort all our health issues, the way mother earth intended as they say :D
But the resistance to hearing about it, from the people around us, was astounding. I expected some reluctance to understand, but not plain straight conflict. Why would something that makes me healthier, happier and is approved through revelation by my Heavenly Father cause such an uproar? It wasn't as if I was preaching for people to do the same, but the fact that I was different seemed to rub people the wrong way.
Then I read this quote from Elder Bednar, of the 12:
"You are not a pawn on a chessboard. You are a son ordaughter of God, with moral agency, which is the power and capacity to actand not be acted upon."

So I thought, "that's what it is... people have learned to do what they've been taught relying more on what's been done for ages, or what their parents taught, than what might be good to do now and when something different comes up it feels to them as a slap in the face, because not only it reflect the cracks in their thought system but it also pushes them to think "i may be wrong" and that thought is unreconcilable".

So here's my thought for the day:

"We rely so heavily in the traditions of our fathers, knowing them to be right, that we've forgotten how to rely on Thee, Our Almighty Father in Heaven. Will we let traditions trump revelation?"

Love y'all!!!!

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